Luna and Midar were too tired to run any more. They walked hand in hand through a coniferous forest and left the coastal country behind them. Luna thought they were on the way to the interior of Hilonien where the trees were tall in the vast forests. Perhaps there was still a free area somewhere in the large kingdom, which the imperial soldiers couldn't reach. Perhaps it was impossible, even for a large army, to control isolated villages deep in the heart of the forests. Luna hoped so, as she didn't want to leave her country. Her father had taught her to love her native land more than anything else and she wouldn't desert the land of her ancestors if it was at all possible to stay.


The night seemed longer than it ought to have done at this time of the summer. Two moons showed the children the way across treacherous heather covered ground which could give way at any time. All at once they sat on the moss with one leg dangling in the underground, but they were sensible and jumped up immediately. They hurried on before the small people could do them any harm.

The moss was soft everywhere, but if they felt that they sank in it they chose another way to avoid any risks. Luna had a pain in her foot, but she was brave and tried to think about something else.

When they came to a small marsh they rested for a while. Midar complained that he was tired and hungry but Luna said that they must continue at all costs.

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