King Jomar couldn't understand how the enemy had succeeded in taking the fort as it was built to withstand all kinds of attack and long sieges. Traitors had either lifted up the grating and lowered the drawbridge or the Hilonian soldiers had simply run away. The present soldiers saw that Jomar was bewildered and they laughed at him.

"There is not much left of your cowardly hares, sneered one of them".

"Shall we give the poor king a little present? said another".

"He may need some encouragement now that he has been dethroned".


One of the heads was thrown to Jomar. Then they ripped off his magnificent gold crown and threw it into the muddy water of the moat. Shelana and Luna fell into each others arms in grief. From that moment Hilonien ceased to exist. The beloved countryside was now just a region in the Murtsch-Takesjdell empire. Jomar and his family were told to follow their warders. Luna saw that a small cottage with thatched roof lay near the wall and she dearly hoped they would be allowed to live there. But they were forced to go through an iron door and climb seventy steps up some narrow stone stairs. They were to be confined in a room in one of the high towers. An iron door slammed behind them and a key was turned in the lock.

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