"Only the dead are happy" would be Marianne's motto if ever she was chosen to be the queen of Sweden. The tree tops danced in the strong wind but is was to hard for them to enjoy. I began to rain as Marianne climbed over the gate and yellow autumn leaves whirled over the graves. Marianne thought that Benjamin wanted to wake up in his grave but he couldn't as he was dead.

The light from the street lamps only illuminated part of the churchyard and the rest remained in pitch-black darkness. Marianne believed that her son was the Crown Prince of the dead.

At last she stood by the dead child's gravestone. The rain increased and her rain cap was blown off by the wind but she didn't bother to chase after it.


Suddenly, something happened. Benjamin's corpse trembled; his brain became active and he seemed to breathe.

"Mum!" Said a weak voice from the grave. The flat surface from the gravestone seemed to bent inwards. Two small human eyes gleamed in hallows and they stared at the panic-stricken woman with looks filled with misery and painful sorrow.

However, there shouldn't be pain and sorrow on the other side of death. This was all wrong. It was contrary to the faith which Marianne had devised herself. But the gods didn't show her any mercy and her heart was pierced by the sharp sword of fear.

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