Tage was going to meet his sweet, angelic girlfriend Anni the next day, so it was perhaps inadvisable of him to drink a lot. He had to remove the unpleasant smell of alcohol from his breath and that was difficult. It was a scourge, which had made a mess of things for many innocent men. But the real problem was women's dreadful psyche.

  The devil himself must have decreed that women must end the affair as soon as the boyfriend smells of liquor. "No, like hell," moaned Tage as he became even more drunk. "That infernal women's emancipation should never have happened. Life would be infinitely easier if we men had a little more power over them."

Tage didn't really believe Anni would end it all, even if she discovered that he drank sometimes. She was such a kind and considerate girl, a jewel. She would no doubt be faithful to him as long as they lived. However, Tage was not absolutely sure and on this dark November evening he was stung by small pangs of anguish. He sat in his simply furnished flat in Stockholm and looked out sadly. Distant stars twinkled above the city lights. Many people were already asleep and in their dream world.

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