The dying young man's death rattle woke his young wife and she screamed with fear. As a consequence of his success at scaring somebody, Björn became excited and so satisfied with himself that he also strangled her. He continued in this way with his brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, grandchildren and cousins. During the morning of this Christmas Day he strangled all his close relatives in their beds.

In a flash, he woke up from his disgusting dream; the most bloodcurdling he had ever experienced. How could he be so cruel as to dream of strangling all those dear and near to him? It was an atrocity!


Björn left his bed, brushed his teeth and looked in the mirror. There was color and life in his face and eyes. In the lounge, the Christmas tree looked green and fine with all its decorations. The atmosphere created by the weak illumination, and the early morning darkness outside the window, was really impressive. He smiled and felt at ease.

But why was it so quiet in the house? Why didn't he hear anything from any of his relatives' bedrooms? Why?


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