It happened in the week between Christmas and New Year. The retired parson, Lennart Eriksson, thought it was a really dotty idea to go and sit on a church bench in the middle of the night, but he wanted to prove he dared to do it. The old fool had toyed with his plan the whole of November and December.


Lennart lived in the parsonage together with his son Urban, who was working as a parson in the village. No doubt, if his son saw him going to the church in the middle of the night, he would probably think that his father had gone crazy.

"But it makes no difference," thought Lennart.

-An old parson like me is a subject of ridicule anyway, so people can just as well think I am bonkers.

Lennart really wanted to find out whether there was any truth in the old women's tales about elves who held their own services, or whether they were just founded on superstition. He found the key to the church, put on his black coat and went out into the snowy winter night.

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