"In your case it is not your body, which interest me, but your soul." Beatrice was struck with amazement despite her dark despair. She didn't expect this and she wondered whether the man was a priest who had become mentally ill.

"You think I am a mad priest and you wonder whether I want to convert you? Yes, I want to, but on behalf of Hell, not Heaven. Now you probably think you know who I am. You can call me Baal if you wish, but I prefer the name Baalsebub. Baalsebub and Beatrice, doesn't that sound good? I have chosen you to be my bride in Hell." Beatrice desperately wished he was just a common lunatic, a murderer or a mentally ill person. Otherwise, he was the devil himself.


Suddenly, the man released her wrist and placed a round silver watch in her shaking hand. She stared at him, mainly in surprise, but she was scared.

"I give you this silver watch as a present darling," he hissed.

"You get it because I like it so much. Next time it shows twelve o'clock you will be dead!"

He laughed with an ominous drawn out jeer and disappeared in a blinding flash of light.

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